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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Parker tube fittings?

Parker Tube Fittings Division manufactures leak-free hydraulic connections, superior corrosion-free tube fittings, hose adapters and tube fabrication equipment for reliable leak-free connection solutions for most high pressure and high temperature hydraulic applications.

What is the 2D/3D cylinder configurator?

Parker’s 2D/3D Cylinder configurator also allows users to request pricing for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders including tie rod, compact, valve actuator, and roundline cylinders.

Where can I get parts from Parker?

Parker’s worldwide distribution network makes it convenient to get the parts you need, either over the phone or at one of our Parker Stores. Locate the distributor nearest to you.

What is the fitting identification option?

The Fitting Identification option provides a sequence of simple steps to identify a fitting or create a part number, resulting in a specification page which can be emailed. Not all parts that are configured are standard. Access to CAD models is also available from the specification page.

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