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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Park University canvas courses?

You can access your Park University Canvas courses in a couple of different ways. The first method is to log in to your MyPark portal found at Or, you can also open a browser window and type in, "" and be taken to the log n screen above.

What is the CANVAS app?

The Canvas App facilitates mobile “on-the-go” interaction between faculty and students by allowing access to Park’s Canvas courseware via mobile device. Check on assignments or join discussions with your classmates and faculty anytime, anywhere. Now you don’t have to be tied-down to only using your computer’s browser!

Is Park University a good school?

Park University Earns Top Five Best Colleges... Park University’s degree programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Park University is a private, non-profit, institution of higher learning since 1875.

How do I contact the Park University helpdesk?

You may also contact the Park University Helpdesk at any time via email to [email protected] or by calling (816) 584-6768. If you would like, you can try to log in below:

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