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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ETJ of the city of Paris?

The ETJ of the City of Paris is the unincorporated area that lies between the existing City limits or corporate boundary and extending outward to a perimeter two miles from the corporate boundary.

What does the city of Paris Planning Office do?

The Planning Office maintains, interprets and updates the City of Paris Zoning Ordinance and the Official City of Paris Zoning Map .The State of Texas delegates zoning authority to the municipal level. The 1928 Standard State Zoning Enabling Act laid this basic foundation for the granting of zoning power from the state to the local level.

Can the extraterritorial jurisdiction of a city be reduced?

The extraterritorial jurisdiction of a municipality may not be reduced unless the governing body of the municipality gives its written consent by ordinance or resolution, except: (1) in cases of judicial apportionment of overlapping extraterritorial jurisdictions under Section 42.901;

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