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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Calexico parentvue app?

Tired of the poor layout and lack of features of the Calexico ParentVUE app? GradeView is a free app that replaces ParentVUE and lets students and parents view and simulate their grades in school districts like Calexico Unified School District that use the Synergy SIS ParentVUE platform.

What is the parentvue mobile app?

ParentVUE offers parents a single sign-on to view all of their children’s information regardless of school. NOTE: ParentVUE Mobile for the Android phones is a free application for parents and guardians using the ParentVUE web portal. How to find District URL: The ParentVUE Mobile app uses the same user login as the web-based ParentVUE portal.

Is gradeview available in Calexico unified school district?

GradeView supports over 600 school districts in the United States and Calexico Unified School District is one of them! With GradeView you can view your class schedule, add custom assignments, view your cumulative GPA, and much more!

Which school districts can support the parentvue for Android phones?

• Only school districts using the Synergy™ student information system version 6.5 and higher can support the ParentVUE for the Android phones application. • Requires wireless or 3G Internet connection.

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