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Frequently Asked Questions

What is parentsquare?

LOGIN: ParentSquare is the primary communication tool to share important, urgent, and vital information with our parents, teachers, students, and staff.   It offers a multitude of tools that allows our district, school administrators, and teachers to more effectively communicate with families and students.

How do I login to the parentsquare app?

Download the ParentSquare App (see How to Download the ParentSquare App) or login in at using your email address or phone number on file with your student’s school. (Please see How to Activate your ParentSquare Account Below) If you have forgotten your password – see How to Reset Your Password.

How do I add myself to parentsquare?

Please fill the form below to send a request to your school to add you to ParentSquare. Please provide your email and/ or cell phone number. ParentSquare notifications can be received either via email or text.

How do parents link their parentsquare accounts?

Parents share an email or home phone: their accounts will automatically link if they are listed with shared contact information. User is missing a student or school from their main account: they have a second account for student or school that can be merged. How do I ensure I have the most up-to-date ParentSquare app?

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