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Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is the Padres game with the Dodgers on?

In 2022, the Padres’ matchups with the Dodgers will be must-see TV. Of San Diego’s six season series against Los Angeles, five will come on weekends. Watch live on MLB.TV: Joe Musgrove will start tonight, facing the Angels for the first time since 2017.

What are the most common Padres lineups?

Most Common Padres Lineups 1 Jurickson Profar 2 Jake Cronenworth 3 Fernando Tatis Jr. 4 Manny Machado 5 Eric Hosmer 6 Wil Myers 7 Tommy Pham 8 Victor Caratini 9 Manny Machado

Are the San Diego Padres finally waving the white flag?

There is one move in the lineup today that proves the San Diego Padres have finally waved the white flag. If I were to tell you in Spring Training that the San Diego Padres would be six games out of a playoff spot entering September 23, you’d tell me I was crazy. But that’s the reality the franchise faces.

Are the San Diego Padres the prototype for a rebuild?

When we think the prototype for rebuild, the San Diego Padres often come to mind. The problem has been that it has been more of the same year-after-year. Rebuilding is supposed to lead to success at least, eventually.

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