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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some disadvantages of ozone water treatment?

Ozone water treatments treat and purify potable water and industrial water treatment systems. Yet, ozone comes with some downfalls, such as its high cost and maintenance, high reactivity and toxicity, and the ability to form carcinogenic byproducts.

Is ozone more effective than chlorine in eliminating germs and pollutants?

Ozone is essential in wastewater and sewage systems that contain carbon-based and organic chemicals and other water pollutants. Even though ozone is more effective than chlorine in eliminating germs and pollutants, there are a few disadvantages that are worth mentioning.

What happens if the ozone dosage is too low?

When the ozone dosage is too low, some germs and bacteria may survive, which is why higher ozone concentrations are used. Higher concentrations, however, are more difficult to control, but as ozone is 12 times more soluble in water than chlorine, you can reach the maximum disinfectant concentration more quickly.

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