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Frequently Asked Questions

How much ozone do I need to treat water?

So ozone is added to make the metal insoluble and they are subsequently filtered out of the water as a solid. The amount of ozone required is 0.44 mg ozone/mg Fe and 0.88 mg ozone/mg Mn. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) creates an unpleasant odor in water (rotten eggs). In drinking water applications the H2S is often removed to make the water more palatable.

How is Ozone used to purify water?

The ozone that has been produced is then passed into a diffuser which creates bubbles and saturates them with ozone. These ozone saturated bubbles are then mixed with water in a water purification tank causing the weaker oxygen molecule in the ozone to separate and bind itself to any organic molecules existing in the water.

How much does ozone treatment cost?

Ozone therapy may cost between $100 and $150 per treatment, depending on geographic location. In most cases, the usual course of ozone therapy may range between 6 to 10 treatments, arriving at an average cost of about $1,000.

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