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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ozoneated water?

Ozonated water is ozone gas dissolved in water. When ozone is bubbled through water it is able to be temporarily suspended among the water molecules. The colder and the purer water is, the more ozone it can absorb and the longer it can hold the ozone concentration.

What is a pure water ozone treatment system?

American Tank Co., Inc. is pleased to offer the PW 9000 Pure Water Ozone Treatment System . This system is designed for use with any home water supply which utilizes a water storage tank. Sources of water may include wells, springs, lakes, etc.

How big of a tank can you put an ozone generator in?

Triple O Tank Ozone Generators and Filtration Systems Triple O ozone systems can be used in water tanks up to 10,000 gallons depending on the severity of the contaminants and the daily water usage. The Triple O ozone system works on the concept of gallons per day and is independent of the gallons per minute flow rate.

Why use ozone technology for well and tank water?

Municipal water companies have used ozone technology to treat large quantities of water for many years because of its effectiveness in purifying and conditioning water. American Tank Co. has selected Ozone Technology for use in treating well and tank water because of its unique properties.

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