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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the water in your home safe for drinking?

Many people are concerned about whether the water that comes out of their faucets at home is safe to drink. Legally, municipal water has to be safe to drink and bathe in, so drinking it will not harm you. But this does not mean that your drinking water is entirely free of contaminants or additives that can contribute to adverse tastes and odors.

Does freezing water make it safe to drink?

Freezing water does not make it safe for human consumption because some of the ‘bugs’ one may find in contaminated drinking water actually get preserved by the freezing process rather than killed or destroyed.

Is clear water safe for drinking?

Most of the times, clear water is safe to drink. But there can be a small chance for bring impurities present in it. This can make the water harmful for our body causing many diseases. So it is better to drink the water from natural sources such as well water which can be purified further.

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