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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best temperature sensor for Arduino?

Using A TMP36 Temperature Sensor With Arduino. The TMP36 temperature sensor is an easy way to measure temperature using an Arduino! The sensor can measure a fairly wide range of temperature (-50°C to 125°C), is fairly precise (0.1°C resolution), and is very low cost, making it a popular choice.

What is an Arduino sensor?

Another type of Arduino® sensor is an audio sensor. Audio sensors detect the presence of sound and can usually provide additional information, such as pitch and amplitude. These sensors are especially useful for devices that have to respond to human actions, such as talking, or actions of other machines, such as beeping.

What is ozone sensor?

Ozone Sensor. Ozone has a sweet smell, but the odor threshold varies widely by the person and the ambient conditions. Ozone sensors are widely used to monitor workplace ozone levels. Sensors are also used to measure ozone given off by processes such as electric power generation and plastic film treatment.

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