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Frequently Asked Questions

How does mq131 ozone gas sensor work?

When the ozone gas exists, the sensor’s conductivity gets lower along with the gas concentration rising. Users can convert the change of conductivity to correspond output signal of gas concentration through a simple circuit. MQ131 ozone gas sensor has high sensitivity to ozone, and also has sensitivity to strong oxide such as Cl2, NO2 &etc.

What is the range sensitivity of the ozone sensor?

It is equipped with a very wide range sensitivity to ozone which able to detect ozone concentration up to (10~1000ppb) in ambient air. The tin dioxide (SnO2) is the sensor's sensitive material, has a low conductivity (high resistance) in a clean air environment, and react really good in a presence of ozone.

What are the ideal sensing conditions for the mq131?

The ideal sensing condition for the MQ131 is 20°C ±2°C at 65% ±5% humidity. An internal preheater inside the sensor helps achieve the ideal sensing conditions, but the datasheet recommends over 24 hours for preheating to achieve optimal accuracy.

What is the difference between analogue and digital output of ozone?

The digital output can be connected directly to a microcontroller. The analogue output provides a voltage (0-5 VDC) that increases with increasing ozone concentration in the air. It can be used with Arduino or other microcontroller.

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