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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make ozone?

Ozone is normally created in the upper atmosphere by sunlight or electrical charges (i.e. lightening) on normal oxygen. It can also form in the lower atmosphere when hydrocarbons (such as evaporating fuel, paint, and dry cleaning fluids) and nitrogen compounds mix with sunlight or electrical charges.

How does the ozone machine work?

An ozone machine is a device that generates ozone, which is a naturally occurring gas in the earth’s atmosphere that is composed of three oxygen atoms (O3). Often referred to as an ozone generator, an ozone machine is commonly used to improve the air quality of the interior of a room or building by removing strong odors that may be present.

What is an ozone generator?

An ozone generator is a device that produces ozone gas, which is then released into an area containing either air or water to kill microorganisms and remove odors.

Is ozone a gas?

Ozone is a natural gas composed of three atoms of oxygen. It chemical symbol is O3. It is blue in color and has a strong odor. Normal oxygen (O2), which we breathe, has two oxygen atoms and is colorless and odorless.

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