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Frequently Asked Questions

Do ozone generators really work in removing mold?

When searching for solutions to your mold problems, it is always best to use safer methods that have been proven to be effective at mold and or odor removal. The facts are is that there is no scientific evidence that ozone generators work for remediation, unless when they are used at extremely high levels of ozone.

Does an ozone generator kill mold?

The Effectiveness of Ozone Generators on Mold, Mycotoxins, Fragrance, and Smoke Ozone kills and denatures mold on surfaces, and breaks down many VOCs and odors such as perfume. It can also remediate smoke smell in certain materials.

Should ozone be used in mold remediation?

While Ozone does have a number of useful applications in the emergency restoration services field (primarily in smoke odor control and VOC reduction), we strongly would caution against using it in regard to mold remediation.

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