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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you use an ozone generator?

Ozone generators are to be used with caution . Although they are considered safe in industrial and medical applications where strict safety standards are to be followed, using them at home poses serious danger to human health. The amount of ozone required to eliminate viruses and bacteria exceeds public health standards.

Are ozone generator machines safe to use?

Is an Ozone Generator Safe to Use? Yes, this machine is safe to use. However, incorrect usage of this machine can be dangerous. Exposure to high levels of ozone has adverse temporary health problems at large.

Are ozone machines harmful?

Many ozone generator manufacturers claim that ozone is not only an effective way to remove air pollution, but that it is relatively safe as well. However, according to the EPA, while some levels of ozone are acceptable, ozone generators can often exceed safety limits and cause health issues.

What does ozone machine do you use?

An ozone machine is a mobile unit that can be used in the home or inside the car to remove indoor pollutants and odor. The machine has a compartment that traps air in the form of CO2. The oxygen in the air is then converted to ozone by an electrical discharge which simulates lightning. This method is called silent corona discharge.

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