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Frequently Asked Questions

Are ozone generator machines safe to use?

Is an Ozone Generator Safe to Use? Yes, this machine is safe to use. However, incorrect usage of this machine can be dangerous. Exposure to high levels of ozone has adverse temporary health problems at large.

Should you use an ozone generator?

Ozone generators are to be used with caution . Although they are considered safe in industrial and medical applications where strict safety standards are to be followed, using them at home poses serious danger to human health. The amount of ozone required to eliminate viruses and bacteria exceeds public health standards.

Are ozone machines safe?

If so, Ozone generators can be used in these spaces while they are occupied, only as long the ozone concentration remains below the safe level specified by OSHA or the EPA. Typically this can be accomplished with an inexpensive machine like our DC-12.

Are ozone generators harmful?

Ozone is a very unstable gas that rapidly decays into oxygen and cannot be stored or transported. Instead, it has to be produced by an ozone generator on site when it is to be used. Even in low concentrations, ozone can be harmful to plants and to the respiratory system in both humans and animals.

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