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Frequently Asked Questions

How does an ozone fog generator work?

In the ozone fog generator shown in FIG. 6, when the ozone generator 1 and the air compressor 2 are operated, a mixed flow of the air sent from the air compressor 2 and the ozone generated by the ozone generator 1 is generated.

How do you use an ozone generator?

The real secert is to use the generator for a limited time, using the automatic timer to fill the space with ozone and then allowing the ozone to dissipate naturally. Do not enter the room and then allow the room to air out.

What is the difference between an ozone generator and air purifier?

Unlike an air purifier, an ozone generator does not draw air into the device to remove airborne particulates, it releases a gas into the environment that destroys living things, such as the bacteria which can cause troublesome odors.

Do ozone generators work for mold?

But whether or not the ozone actually treats the mold issue will depend on several factors, including the extent of the problem, the source and type of mold. Nevertheless, ozone generators may still be a viable option for reducing mold and mildew odors because mold will oxidize under the conditions of high shock ozone treatment.

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