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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ozone?

Ozone (O 3 ) is a molecule made up of three atoms of oxygen (O), and is mostly found in the strato- sphere, where it protects us from the Sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Although it represents only a tiny fraction of the atmosphere, ozone is crucial for life on Earth.

What's new in Ozone 9?

Ozone 9 is packed with new features and upgrades! Visit our features page to learn more. Ozone Pro is here! Now with EQ scaling, you can quickly add or remove intensity in your tone without changing the shape of your EQ curve. With Ozone Pro, you get this exciting feature, any future Ozone updates, and much, much more!

What is totaltonal balance control in Ozone 9?

Tonal Balance Control helps keep frequencies in line, letting you talk to iZotope plug-ins to fix issues across your session. Ozone 9 is packed with new features and upgrades!

Does ozone 9 support Mac OSX Catalina?

iZotope released our first official update to Ozone 9. Version 9.1 has improvements requested by our users, including improved support for Mac OSX Catalina. Learn all the ways you can use the new Match EQ module for audio mastering in Ozone 9 to bring the tone and vibe of your favorite artists to your music.

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