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Frequently Asked Questions

What is owned?

Owned - definition of owned by The Free Dictionary Define owned. owned synonyms, owned pronunciation, owned translation, English dictionary definition of owned. adj. Of or belonging to oneself or itself: She makes her own clothes.

What is the opposite of owned?

Owned: as in retained, possessed. Synonyms: possessed, retained, cherished… Antonyms: gone, lost, mislaid… Find the right word.

What is owned by one's own efforts?

owned 1. By one's own efforts: She got the job on her own. 2. Responsible for oneself; independent of outside help or control: He is now out of college and on his own.

What does it mean to own something? 1. 2. To admit as being in accordance with fact, truth, or a claim; acknowledge: "I own that I have been sly, thievish, mean, a prevaricator, greedy, derelict, / and I own that I remain so yet" (Walt Whitman). 1. By one's own efforts: She got the job on her own.

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