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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an ovation a good guitar for a beginner?

This body style is a characteristic of Ovation guitars and helps to enhance the richness of tone and overall projection. It’s also very easy and comfortable to play for beginners. Where is the serial number on an Ovation guitar? The serial number is on a small, plain white label up closer to the neck. Is Ovation guitars still in business?

Where to buy Ovation guitars?

Lucky for you, knowing where to do online shopping for top guitar and the very best deals is DHgate"s specialty because we provide you good quality ovation guitars with good price and service. There is a wide range of guitar products available online on the platform of DHgate, from Night Lights, Indoor Lighting, Lights & Lighting of different brands.

Are Ovation guitars still made in the USA?

When discerning players crave top-tier, American made Ovation and Adamas guitars… these remarkable flagship instruments could only come from one place – the Ovation Custom Shop. This purpose-driven facility in New Hartford, Connecticut is both workshop and laboratory for a small team of dedicated luthiers and technicians who have one focus and one focus ONLY – custom-made, USA built Ovation guitars.

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