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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a casual outfit?

Casual dress is typically more informal types of attire for men and women that is worn outside of office or formal settings. Casual dress may be more comfortable than business or professional attire. Casual dress includes clothing items, such as shorts, sleeveless shirts, and open shoes like loafers or sandals.

What is 70s outfit?

About 70s Outfit. A 1970s theme is a fun way to take part in Spirit Week at school or celebrate a birthday. For some summertime fun, have a cook out and invite attendees to dress in a costume from their favorite decade. With a little thought and preparation, your costume can be used many times a year.

What is another word for outfit?

Synonyms for Outfit: adj. •material (adjective) equipment. n. v. •clothe (verb) attire, wrap, clothe, accouter, dress, array, wear, costume. Other synonyms: • employer, Habiliment, accouterment, wardrobe, provide, disarm, device.

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