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Frequently Asked Questions

What does OTH stand for?

The Southwest Oregon Regional Airport (OTH) is committed to providing a safe and efficient airport infrastructure as a part of it total airport facility. Visiting the area? Find out about local events in the area and the latest news about the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport.

What is OTH-SW?

Such systems are known as OTH-SW, for Surface Wave . The first OTH-SW system deployed appears to be a Soviet system positioned to watch traffic in the Sea of Japan. A newer system has recently been used for coastal surveillance in Canada, and is now offered for sales by Maerospace, Australia has also deployed a High Frequency Surface Wave Radar.

When was the first operational OTH system developed?

Engineers in the Soviet Union are known to have developed what appears to be the first operational OTH system in 1949, called "Veyer". However, little information on this system is available in western sources, and no details of its operation are known. It is known that no further research was carried out by Soviet teams until the 1960s and 70s.

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