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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Michigan Last Beat OSU?

The last time Michigan beat Ohio State was on November 26th, 2011. The final score of the game was Michigan 40 and Ohio State 34.

Is Ohio State better than Michigan?

Michigan is better than Ohio, according to yet another study. U.S. News' ranking of the 50 states has Michigan just 33rd - but that's still two spots higher than Ohio.

What is the history of Ohio State vs Michigan?

OHIO STATE vs. MICHIGAN. The first game between the two was in 1897 and they have played each other every year since with seven exceptions: 1898, 1899 and between 1913 through 1917. Ohio State joined the Western Conference (now known as the Big Ten) in 1912, but Michigan left the conference between 1907 and 1917.

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