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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes phalangeal fractures in children?

These fractures are commonly caused by trauma or crush injuries. The middle finger is most often affected, followed by the thumb. The distal metaphysis, which anchors the complex nail matrix and nail plate, is often affected by distal fractures. The annual incidence of phalangeal fractures in children is 2.7 percent [ 4 ].

What is the epidemiology of thumb fractures?

Epidemiology incidence 80% of thumb fractures involve the metacarpal base. the most common pattern is extraarticular epibasal fracture. Pathophysiology mechanism of injury most Bennett and Rolando are fractures caused by axial force applied to the thumb in flexion.

How is a thumb fracture diagnosed?

Diagnosis can be made by orthogonal radiographs of the thumb. Treatment ranges from splint immobilization for certain extra-articular fractures to surgical fixation for displaced Bennett or Rolando fractures. imperfect reductions and above forces lead to increased joint contact pressures and subsequent predisposition to early arthritis

What are the treatment options for pediatric finger fractures?

The majority of pediatric finger fractures can be treated with closed means. Buckle fractures of the phalanges are inherently stable and amenable to many forms of closed immobilization, ranging from buddy taping to splints or casts.

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