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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the EA account the same as origin account?

Your Origin account will now be called an ' EA Account '. They'll be called an EA Account "to better represent all of EA 's games and services," EA said in an email being sent to Origin account holders. No other features or reasons were given. The change will happen automatically "in the coming weeks," EA said. Members will use the same login ID and password to access the account .

Is EA's Origin Access worth it?

EA's Origin Access Premier tier is only worth it now if you love sports and FPS games By Samuel Roberts November 13, 2018 The subscription service is the only way to play Battlefield 5 right now,...

Is Origin Access the same as EA Access?

Origin access is for the Origin client on PC. EA Access is for only Xbox One. They are similar with it being a subscription to get games cheaper but do not go cross platform. You need to buy origin access and EA access if you want it on both platforms.

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