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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the EA account the same as origin account?

I'm pretty sure an EA and Origin account are the same. I think it's the same account but you don't need Origin to play it. When you first run the game it asks for a serial number and you have to log into a EA account to register it. I did it through STEAM without Origin installed and it worked just fine. Thank you both!

How to fix EA Origin?

Open the Start menu. Find EA and click the downward arrow to expand. Select App Recovery. A confirmation window will pop up. Click Clear Cache. If Origin is running, close it by clicking Origin in the menu bar then Exit. Double-check that Origin is fully closed.

Is EA's Origin Access worth it?

Origin Access Premier does seem like good value for money for those who regularly engage with EA -published titles. The higher-priced subscription isn't worth it for those who only play FIFA, for ...

Is Origin Access the same as EA Access?

Origin Access was for the company's Origin client on the PC. On the flip side, EA Access was used for Xbox One. These services were largely the same, but there was no cross-platform support; if you wanted to get the benefits on both PC and Xbox One, you needed a subscription for both services.

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