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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to EMSs?

 Login to EMSS at http://emss (Intranet Link)  Enter your last name, person code (Employee ID number), and PIN  If you are new to EMSS or you have forgotten your PIN - click “Forgot Password” and a PIN will be emailed to you

What does Oracle Cloud mean for EMSs's fit for the Future program?

The Oracle Cloud implementation considerably advances EMSS’s Fit for the Future program, which was designed to streamline processes and improve reporting and data integration while supporting an agile, flexible, and digitally enabled workforce.

What is Oracle Cloud HCM and ERP?

With Oracle Cloud HCM and Oracle Cloud ERP, EMSS has standardized HR and finance processes across its diverse customer base, which includes a city council, a county council, and numerous commercial customers.

How do I update my address in EMSs?

 If you update your address in EMSS – you must also submit the Personal Information Update Form to HR  Your Person Code/Employee ID number is located on the top left of your paystub labeled “EE ID” Questions?  Login question s: Email or call the DIT Helpdesk at 425 -388 -3378

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