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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I See my Reservation on OpenTable?

If you have more than one OpenTable account, please check your other account (s) to see if your reservation is there. If your other email (s) is/are not registered with us, you will not be able to log in to see your reservation (s).

How do I Reset my Password on the OpenTable app?

1 Click on the "Profile" icon in the bottom right of the app 2 Choose "Sign in with OpenTable" 3 Click on the grey "Forgot your password?" link under the password text box 4 You will be taken to our password reset page; enter your email address and a password reset will be sent to your email address

Why can’t I Find my OpenTable emails?

Should you still not be able to find the OpenTable emails, please contact us by clicking on the red Contact Us button below. The email address may not be registered to an active OpenTable account. To confirm, try clicking Sign Up from the OpenTable home page and registering an account.

How do I add a menu to my OpenTable profile?

Navigate to Main Menu > Restaurant Profile > Menus 2. Either upload a PDF or copy and paste a URL that links to the menu on your website Note! SinglePlatform will post your menu to your OpenTable profile within a few business days. How do I create a new account, so other people can log in and access OpenTable?

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