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Frequently Asked Questions

How does OpenTable make money?

OPenTable has devised almost all the types of revenue model in its business model. It charges a fixed monthly amount for the services that it provides. It charges $ 1.00 per diner, when the reservation is made from the OpenTable website or the mobile application and charges $ 0.25 per diner,...

What is open table reservation?

There is a reservation service called "Open Table" however, I believe Marian is asking what it means when you make an open table reservation. This means that they will seat you at whatever table is open and available (meaning that it is clean and prepared for the next customer) and that you cannot choose a table by the window, outside, etc.

What is restaurant reservation?

A restaurant reservation system lets customers reserve a table while restaurateurs oversee bookings, cancellations, and no-shows. Reservation software may also offer waitlist tools, visual table management features or allow you to handle digital pre-payments.

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