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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better OpenGL or DirectX?

It isn’t because of image quality or features: OpenGL 4.0 has all of shaders and tessellation and widgets that DX has. It isn’t because of hardware support: All Nvidia and AMD graphics cards support the latest version of OpenGL along with DirectX. DirectX is a cleaner API and better documentation is easier to learn.

What are the differences between direct X and OpenGL?

DirectX is the API of the Microsoft platform whereas OpenGL is open source which means hardware maker, as well as an operating system developer, can create an OpenGL implementation freely which can be part of their systems.

Is DirectX more advanced than OpenGL?

DirectX for big projects, because if used correctly your result will be light years ahead of OpenGL. DirectX also has a lot of things that you cannot find in OpenGL, which will spare you resources and development time. DirectX is more technically advanced and build generally more professional.

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