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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use auto clicker 3?

How do you use Auto Clicker 3.0? To start the op auto clicker, click on the f6 button on the clicker window or you can press f6 key on the keyboard also. For more information click here. What are the best auto clickers for windows?

What is op autoclicker?

Op Auto Clicker 3.0 - Download Latest OP AutoClicker 2021 OP Auto Clicker is a automation tool that lets you automate mouse clicks. Perfectly compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and 64-bit systems. Skip to content Main Menu Download Features How to use Op Auto Clicker 3.0 Download For Windows 10 (2021) December 25, 2020October 14, 2021

How do I change the auto clicker hotkey settings?

If you want to change the Hotkey button to start and stop, go to Hotkey settings on the bottom left corner of the OP Auto Clicker window. Click on the Start/Stop button and enter the Please Key you wanted. Then press OK to make the change. You can also record and play your automated clicks and mouse actions.

What are the advantages of using the auto clicker hotkey?

The user can customize the hotkey setting as per the need which is available in the auto clicker window. Also, it allows the user to perform many tasks such as the user will choose whether the pointer should follow them throughout the game or just click on the user-defined location and the user can use it as op auto clicker Mac OS as well.

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