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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to park at O'Hare Airport?

O'Hare Accessible Parking There are 325 handicap parking spaces available at O'Hare Airport. All spots are located near the elevator centers, sidewalks, bus stops, and the Airport Transit System (ATS) in Lot E. A valid placard must be displayed when parking in these spots.

Is there parking at one spot Airport Valet in Chicago?

One Spot Airport Valet offers an outdoor option or a (heated in winter) indoor parking option, which is perfect for the winter time in Chicago! Book today for your One Spot Airport Valet stay!

How do I get from OneStop parking to the airport?

With No room reservation or shuttle booking is required. On the day of your trip, park your car at the hotel parking and board the free shuttle to the airport. Keep your receipt with you. On your return, call the shuttle number provided to you to get picked up to take your car and be on your way home.

What are people saying about O'Hare Airport claim center?

It’s an easy-to-find location, close to O’Hare airport. The facility is nice, the staff is great, the shuttle is prompt (to and from the airport), and communication with the garage is very professional. You get a claim ticket to keep with you, and texts on your phone, for easy communication. I HIGHLY recommend.” “Easy to find, courteous staff.

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