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Frequently Asked Questions

Is one piece filler worth watching?

One Piece fillers generally are not too bad though. Yet their mostly skippable. That being said if you finish all the canon episodes early then it's worth watching if you got the free time.

How many fillers does one piece have?

How Many Fillers Does One Piece Have? One Piece has a total of 1002 episodes, which puts it on the list of longest running anime in history. Among the 1002 episodes, there is a total of 99 reported filler, which is a low 10.1%.

What percent of one piece is filler?

One Piece has 95 fillers out of 984 episodes, which makes a filler percentage of 10%. We have for you ready the complete One Piece watch order , including all the movies, so check it out. We collected all the info about filler episodes and percentages from the Anime Filler List website.

Which One Piece episodes are filler?

Warship Island Arc (episodes 54-61) – This is One Piece’s first filler arc. Like many other fillers on here, this arc has some plot holes. FIrstly, Zoro can be seen cutting steel chains although during this part of the series Zoro couldn’t yet cut steal (he learns to do this during the “Alabasta Arc”).

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