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Frequently Asked Questions

How can hospitals improve oncology services?

Here are 12 best practices from 10 respected oncology experts on how hospitals can improve the quality, efficiency, patient satisfaction and financial health of hospital oncology programs. 1. Consolidate oncology services into a single center focusing on cancer care.

How do the infusion center remind patients of their appointments?

If a patient is on the schedule to be seen at the Infusion Center the Infusion Center office team will usually contact the patient ahead of time to remind them of their appointment providing an added force to ensure that patients are receiving their infusion medication at the proper frequency.

Are in-office infusion centers better than hospitals?

Not to mention, hospitals are often two times as expensive as in-office Infusion Centers. So, in addition to being the most cost-effective site of care, patient persistency and compliance is generally much better.

Are You Ready to commit the space to your infusion center?

If you are not prepared to commit the space, you are probably not ready to commit the staff, or the cash needed to create a successful and robust Infusion Center. The Infusion Center workflow is not the same as the practice workflow.

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