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Frequently Asked Questions

What education is needed to be an oncologist?

To become a pediatric oncologist, a person must meet extensive educational, clinical training, and licensing requirements. Most hopeful oncologists are required to complete premedical bachelor's degree programs and attend four-year medical schools to receive their doctorates.

What major in college do you need to become an oncologist?

To become an oncologist, you will be considered a premed student while studying for a four-year bachelors degree. Although people wishing to be oncologists can technically major in anything, many choose to study subjects like chemistry or biology.

What does it take to become an oncologist?

To become an oncologist you first must get into medical school. There is no specific degree that you need to earn as an undergrad to get into medical school. But according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you should have coursework in biology, chemistry, physics, math, English, the humanities and social sciences.

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