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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of a clinical research coordinator?

Duties and Responsibilities of a Clinical Research Coordinator. They are responsible for making protocols on the clinical trials of the study. They plot the flow and procedures of the research. They are also responsible for the searching, screening and signing-up of the target participants.

How do I become a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator?

Educational Requirements. Generally, to become a clinical research coordinator, you'll need at least a 4-year bachelor's degree in a field like medical technology, microbiology or public health administration; some positions or places of employment call for a 2-year master's degree in one of these fields.

What is the job description of a clinical coordinator?

Job Description for Clinical Coordinator. Clinical coordinators are responsible for organizing and overseeing the administrative aspects of health services and hospital departments. They work in hospitals, clinics, academic medical programs, and other patient care environments.

Do you need a clinical coordinator?

Clinics-whether veterinary, medical, dental, or research facilities-are busy places, populated both by their own personnel and by a steady flow of patients. That's why they need clinical coordinators who are the managers-traffic cops of their workplace. Clinical coordinators are in charge of everyday personnel concerns.

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