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Frequently Asked Questions

What your oncology pharmacist does?

What Does an Oncology Pharmacist Do? An oncology pharmacist assists with patient care by providing medication and treatment to fight cancer. In this career, you manage the drug choice, dosage, dispense times, and administration, as well as review interactions and side effects.

What jobs can you get with pharmacist?

A pharmacist is an important medical worker who aids physicians, dentists and veterinarians by dispensing appropriate medications to patients. Some pharmacists may also specialize in pharmaceutical research, or in marketing and sales of particular medications for a company.

What do oncology pharmacists do?

An oncology pharmacist can also check on patients to see how the medicines are working, and supervises residents in the department when employed on a senior level. Ultimately, they are responsible for the recommendation, design, implementation, monitoring and modification of plans to treat patients...

Is a pharmacist a boring job?

The pharmacist is an educator, scientist and vitally important medical practitioner. While it is easy to assume that pharmacists spend their days counting out pills and dropping them into little bottles, the pharmacy profession has dozens of interesting and high-paced specialties that are anything but boring.

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