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Frequently Asked Questions

Does onboarding mean I got a job?

Onboarding is the process by which an employer trains a new employee to do their job and become familiar with the company/organization they are working for. Some jobs do this through things like assigning a new employee a mentor-someone in the position you are taking who will show you the ropes.

What does onboarding consist of?

Onboarding consists of all activities that lead to employees becoming familiar with their function and the organizational culture. The meaning of onboarding is also to support employees in building their own network within the organization and in translating organizational goals into personal ones.

What does onboarding means?

Your onboarding begins the first day you start on your new job. On-boarding means the process of integrating a new hire into a company, having a dual purpose. First and foremost, cultural and social integration and relationship-building. Secondly, provision of all the information and skills necessary for becoming a productive member of the team.

How to create a great onboarding experience?

No alignment between onboarding and the reality of the jobGiving the recruit full ownership for the first day, with zero handholdingSetting performance benchmarks that become active without a transition periodInformation overload and exposure to a high number of technology platforms

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