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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Activate my Old Navy credit card?

You can activate your card with Synchrony Bank online, or by calling: Old Navy Credit Card: 866-450-8389; Navyist Credit Card: 866-450-8393. Where can I get information about my account?

What's the difference between the Old Navy card and Old Navy visa?

You can use the Old Navy card at all Gap Inc. stores and earn five reward points for every dollar spent, and the Old Navy Visa earns the same type of store rewards. Plus the Visa card allows you to make purchases outside of Gap Inc. stores and earn additional rewards of one point for every dollar spent, which helps rewards add up.

Which banks offer Old Navy credit cards?

Synchrony Bank offers two Old Navy credit card products: a regular store card and an Old Navy Visa card. You can apply and get approved for one of the cards if you meet these requirements:

Does old Navy have a weekend sale on clothes?

Visit any Old Navy store on a weekend, and you’ll find a bounty of clothing bargains that can tempt even the most disciplined spender to stock up on attire, and Old Navy is willing to finance those temptations.

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