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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tracking number for Old Dominion?

Old Dominion Tracking Number. The tracking number consists of eleven digits, for example, 08231806673. Old Dominion Freight Delivery. Old Dominion offers both local and international freight delivery services. These include: LTL Shipping Services; Old Dominion Global Freight; International Air Freight; LTL Shipping Services

Where is Old Dominion freight line located?

Old Dominion Tracking Old Dominion Freight Line is an American-based company that specializes in less than truckload shipping. The company was founded in 1934 and the Headquarters is in Thomasville, North Carolina-USA. Besides the less than truckload shipping, Old Dominion also offers logistics services.

What is parcel monitor for Old Dominion freight line?

Simple & Easy! Parcel Monitor for Old Dominion Freight Line provides overview details of all your domestic and international Old Dominion Freight Line packages. A tracking number is all you need for a quick and easy status update. What customers are thinking?

What is Old Dominion less than truckload?

This is an Old Dominion Less than Truckload nationwide delivery service in the United States. It is a cost-effective delivery service that allows both intra and inter-regional shipping within the US borders. The company offers direct delivery services to Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

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