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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't install Office 365?

If you can't install Office because the Install button isn't working, it might be because of the following. If the Install button is grayed out, your Microsoft 365 subscription might have expired. Select your subscription from the list below to see the steps for how to renew it.

How can I Check my Microsoft product key?

Double-click the ProduKey application. It resembles a key. The ProduKey window will open; you should see your computer's 25-character product key to the right of the hard drive's name. You can take a screenshot of the key or write it down to make sure you have access to it later.

What is Office 365 product key?

Microsoft Office 365 Product Key has the many sets up alternatives by making use of individual element as well as installation file. It may be saved up to five distinct Pc, remote desktop, tablet devices and Mac. It works on monthly subscribed option as well as target enterprise organizations.

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