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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Catto live as a child?

Catto was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on February 22, 1839. His mother, Sarah Isabella Cain, a free woman, was a descendant of one of Charleston’s most distinguished mulatto families, the DeReefs.

Did OV Catto have a wife?

Catto never married. He was engaged to Sarah LeCount but was killed before the wedding could take place. His funeral procession down Broad Street to Lebanon Cemetery was viewed by more than five thousand people. Thirty-five years later in 1906, the O.V. Catto Lodge was formed in Philadelphia in his honor.

What classes did Catto teach?

Catto taught classes in English Literature, Higher Mathematics and Classical Languages.

What did William T Catto do?

William T. Catto was a founding member of the Banneker Institute in that city. He wrote "A Semi-Centenary Discourse," a history of the First African Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. In Philadelphia, Catto began his education at Vaux Primary School and then Lombard Grammar School, both segregated institutions.

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