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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Octavia Butler?

These days, the name “Octavia Butler” is rightly spoken in the same breath as all the great classic sci-fi authors — but few would have predicted her rise to prominence when she was young. A shy, bullied child with mild dyslexia, Butler spent much of her time in the library, falling in love with fairy tales and science fiction novels.

What genre is Wild Seed by Octavia Butler?

Wild Seed is a science fiction novel by American writer Octavia Butler. Although published in 1980 as the fourth book of the Patternist series, it is the earliest book in the chronology of the Patternist world.

How does Anyanwu react to Doro's transformation?

Doro discovers that when Anyanwu transforms into an animal, he cannot sense or kill her. Feeling threatened by her shape-shifting ability, he wonders whether he holds enough control over her. Anyanwu witnesses Doro's barbaric ways and plain disregard for his people, which frightens her.

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