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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the octaver oc-d2 VST?

Chris Hooker has released Octaver OC-D2, a freeware octave guitar pedal style effect in VST plugin format for Windows based digital audio workstations. The plugin was actually released earlier this year (back in January), but it somehow managed to stay under the BPB freeware radar up until this point.

What is the oc-d2 used for?

Intended for use with individual monophonic instruments. OC-D2 is a mono octave divider plug-in that generates signals one and two octaves below the original. It's based on the popular Boss OC-2 pedal, but with many more features and customizability far beyond what other octavers offer (both pedal and plug-in types).

What is octaver boss oc-d2 pedal?

The thing that the hardware Boss OC-2 pedal is often modified by the users in order in order to enhance its sound processing potential and the Octaver OC-D2 plugin actually emulates the feature set of the standard modded version of the pedal.

How to use octaver oc-d2 in FL Studio?

Each octave has its own volume control. When loading this plugin, please keep the volume low. To load presets in FL Studio, click that gear icon on the plugin window on top, then go to Presets tab and search the Octaver OC-D2 folder. Browsing thru presets, will make you understand this effect unit.

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