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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best octave pedal for bass?

The Best Octave Pedal for Bass: Our Verdict In our personal opinion, the best bass octave pedal has to be the Electro-Harmonix Micro POG Bass Octave Pedal; it makes a beautiful sound that isn’t beaten by anything on this list. However, the price tag makes it a bit difficult to justify.

Do you need more than one octave on a bass guitar?

If octave is all you need, then you’re not going to be worried too much about other effects. And if you have other pedals, you can combine your octave effect with your other compact effect pedals. If you think you might want to turn your bass into a synth or organ, then you’ll want something more.

Should you buy the TC Electronic sub 'n' up octaver bass pedal?

If you’re a pedal junkie, then you know how valuable the real estate is on your pedalboard. The TC Electronic Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver may be the answer for any bass player wanting a great bass octave pedal that won’t take up a lot of space, thanks to its compact package design.

What is the EBS OctaBass triple mode octave divider?

The EBS OctaBass Triple Mode Octave Divider is a big, sturdy looking brick. Its controls, though, are about as straightforward as they come – there’s a knob for “normal,” octave, and a switch for range with low, mid, high as options.

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