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Frequently Asked Questions

What is octoctaver audio effect?

Octaver audio effect is a simpler form of a harmonizer. While harmonizer, as its name suggests, creates harmonies from more than two notes, octaver works by shifting the original but for an octave up or down. Guitarists commonly use this effects in guitar performances.

What is an octave effect box?

See media help. Octave effect boxes are a type of special effects unit which mix the input signal with a synthesised signal whose musical tone is an octave lower or higher than the original. The synthesised octave signal is derived from the original input signal by halving (octave-down) or doubling (octave-up) the frequency.

What are Analog octave effects?

Analog octave effects differ from harmonizers and pitch shifters which digitally sample the sound and process it to change its pitch. Octave-up effects usually use full wave rectification using diodes to "fold up" the negative part of the waveform to make a new waveform an octave higher in pitch. Mark Bass Octaver pedal demo on bass. (Octave down).

How are octave-down effects produced?

Octave-down effects are typically produced by converting the signal to a square wave, and then using flip-flop circuits to divide the frequency by two. This creates a buzzy synthesizer like tone. The MXR Blue Box used this method to create a two octave drop (expanded to include one octave down in later re-issues).

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