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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between matmatlab and octave?

MATLAB is a commercial product of MathWorks, i.e., it has the best in class user interface for programmers. On the other hand, in the earlier version of Octave, there was a lack of user interface, but nowadays, Octave continuously improves its user interface. Octave has the default interface after the 4.0 version.

Can I use octave with Simulink?

Octave itself includes no Simulink support. Typically the Simulink models lag research and are less flexible, so shouldn't really be used in a research environment. However, some Matlab users that try to use Octave complain about this lack. Octave includes an API to the Matlab MEX interface.

Does octave have a profiler like MATLAB?

Although Octave can load inline function handles saved by Matlab, it can not yet save them. Finally, some multi-byte Unicode characters aren't yet treated in mat-files. Thanks to Daniel Kraft's 2011 Google Summer of Code project, Octave has a profiler since version 3.6.0.

How to get the isospeedratings of an image in octave?

In MATLAB I used to go: info = imfinfo('image.jpg'); iso = info.DigitalCamera.ISOSpeedRatings; And that's it. Octave has an imfinfo function that reads many parameters from the image header, but

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