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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, MATLAB or octave?

MATLAB has a better interface compared to Octave. Matlab is far better than Octave with respect to user experience, functionality, reliability, … But if Matlab can’t be afforded then Octave is a good alternate,I would say.

What is Octave programming language?

Octave, the language. The Octave language is an interpreted programming language. It is a structured programming language (similar to C) and supports many common C standard library functions, and also certain UNIX system calls and functions. However, it does not support passing arguments by reference.

What is octave tool?

g-octave is a tool that generates and installs ebuilds for Octave-Forge packages "on-the-fly" to Gentoo Linux, using Portage, Paludis or pkgcore. It's capable to generate ebuilds and Manifest files (if needed) for the packages, and to install them using an autogenerated overlay (named g-octave).

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