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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, MATLAB or octave?

MATLAB has a better interface compared to Octave. Matlab is far better than Octave with respect to user experience, functionality, reliability, … But if Matlab can’t be afforded then Octave is a good alternate,I would say.

Is octave good for machine learning?

As previously mentioned, R’s strength is in statistical analysis. Octave is good for developing Machine Learning algorithms for numeric problems. Python is a general programming language strong in algorithm building for both number and text mining.

What is octave in MATLAB?

For code to be portable from Octave to Matlab, the most notable differences are: Strings in Octave are enclosed between either double or single quotes; Matlab accepts only single quotes. The comment character for Matlab is %, whereas Octave accepts both % and #. function can end in Octave with either endfunction or end; Matlab accepts only end.

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