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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the tuning the same on a violin as a mandolin?

The standard mandolin tuning is the same as violin tuning : G-D-A-E, from low to high. The only difference is that the mandolin has eight strings, but the violin has only four.

What are octave bands on a sound level meter?

They will use an Octave Band Sound Level Meter which uses filters to split the spectrum into about 10 frequency bands called Octave Bands because there is one octave between the bottom and top of each band. The frequency bands usually consist of: 31.5Hz , 63Hz , 125Hz , 250Hz , 500Hz , 1kHz , 2kHz , 4kHz , 8kHz, 16kHz.

What is an octave mandolin?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. The octave mandolin is a fretted string instrument with four pairs of strings tuned in fifths, G, D, A, E (low to high), an octave below a mandolin. It is larger than the mandola, but smaller than the mandocello and its construction is similar to other instruments in the mandolin family.

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