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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the balance on my Octapharma Wirecard?

For more about how much money you can make and current local promotions, contact your Octapharma Plasma donation center. To check your balance, replace a lost or stolen card, or find out more about how to activate or use your card, call (866) 326-8689 or visit Wirecard online.

Why donate to Octapharma?

That’s why we work hard to make your visit with us as fast, easy, and rewarding as possible for you. We truly value your time and your plasma donation because of the difference it makes in the lives of the people it helps. You’ll earn money on an Octapharma Plasma prepaid debit card after every successful plasma donation.

What is octapass and how does it work?

OctaPass allows Octapharma Plasma to further promote Covid-19 physical distancing recommendations to help donors feel more safe. OctaPass will reduce lines at self-serve kiosks and eliminate donor contact with high-touch surfaces. Our goal is to improve the donor experience by providing more safety and convenience.

Do I have to return my octapass at the donor center?

No. Transfers will need to be completed in person at the Octapharma Plasma donor center of your choice. If you complete the Donor History Questionnaire, you will still need to retake it at the kiosk in order to complete the transfer. What happens if I lose my OctaPass or it will not scan at the donor center?

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